Sunday, May 18, 2008

Catching up

I'd like to fire off a few posts to cover the time this blog was silent. I'll start from last weekend in London and work back. Okay? Okay.

Some of you will remember Simon and Leslie who hosted me so kindly on their canal boat. Well they got married last weekend, and were again kind enough to invite me and Monica.

It was a quick town hall ceremony at the Camden Registry Office right around the corner from the British Museum. Then a great party down at the moorings. They covered most of the action I'd expect from Simon Tickner's wedding.

1. One guy fell in the canal when he decided the dingy pictured below was a good place to try and step. It's not deep but the water is about a 200 years of industrial gross. He was pulled out and promptly hosed off.

2. Someone broke their leg walking up the steep little path to the Chinese restaurant. This was, mind you, after an announcement Simon made saying "The path up to the restaurant is a bit treacherous, so ladies, if you're wearing heels, you'll break your ankle."

3. Then the following video happened. That's Knobby. He was described to us as a London tourist attraction. And apparently he prefers to dance alone.

That was around 6pm. We stayed until 3am and things were still rolling. All around great. Great party, great people, great time!

The next day we... um... recovered. Then we walked down through Hyde Park and on down to to the River to meet up with Sydney. She's an animator we met in Denmark, and who offered us her flat for a night. The weather was fantastic, and Londoners were taking full advantage.

We had a great dinner with Sydney and her husband Chris at the Mayflower, which supposedly where the ship of the same name set sail.

The next day we sought out the John Snow pub. John Snow has particular meaning for people in public health (like Monica). Seems he pretty much created epidemiology. Nice work John!

Portrait of a happy Public Health nerd

The rest of the day we wandered around the British Museum and finished up at Gordon's Wine Bar.

It's said to be the oldest wine bar in London, and possibly the world. Really casual, really dark, and really good cheese!

Again... an all around great time. More pictures here.

Thanks to Simon and Leslie once again and thanks to Sydney and Chris!

Next up... Lundø!

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