Saturday, February 24, 2007

The snow and I are friends again.

It just kept snowing! It snowed all day on Wednesday and most of Thursday, then it stopped for a while on Thursday night. Then Friday, some more big flakes started falling and it just got deeper and whiter until there was 2 to 3 feet of snow on the ground.

Thursday evening after school, a bunch of Danes got together to build an igloo in the field in the middle of the school grounds, the "Kassernej". It was very hygge little scene. Dogs and kids pitched in, and the work went on into the dark. The next day the roof was put on (the tricky part of building an igloo) and there was a small "housewarming" party to celebrate with candles and hot cocoa and chocolates. I wish I had some pictures from the celebration, but instead here's little Birk pitching in...

The other snow construction around the school was a little less wholesome. The 1st year students decided the smaller courtyard between two of the school buildings needed a giant (as they called it) snow phallus. The next day I saw some of my students from my last trip here, the 3rd years. One of them told me they were going to build another one, "but ours will be bigger!". And so they did. For sensitive readers, I'll keep these images in link form, so click here at your own risk.

Here's a few more snow pix from the igloo and around Viborg.... enjoy!

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Unknown said...

You can't fool me with that comparison shot of the two phalli. It's a trick, they are the same size. i saw that in a Highlights Magazine at the dentist office. Not A dentist office THE dentist office.